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"With differing but equally strong vocal styles, Hammans, Adkisson, and Wyatt sail through twenty numbers with an eye toward entertainment and catharsis, giving the audience exactly what they want."

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“A major highlight of Back to the Garden is Hammans’, Adkisson’s, and Wyatt’s chill-inducing version of an early Laura Nyro masterpiece, “Stoned Soul Picnic.” As the band cooks, the women’s voices soulfully ebb and flow to the ever-shifting rhythm, bringing “from the sky… the Lord and the lightning” to an audience appreciative of this opportunity to hear Nyro’s music and lyrics performed so passionately and intensely."



I thoroughly enjoyed “Back To The Garden.”
Melissa Hammans and her talented group created a magical evening singing the songs of Carole King, Joni Mitchell and my sister Laura Nyro. The show was bursting with energy and gorgeous voices.
— Jan Nigro (Brother of Laura Nyro)
When I was a little girl, I remember going to the Catskills and sitting on cousin Max’s lap as he was teaching me about the Farmer’s Almanac. When I was fourteen my Mom told me there was going to be a big party on Max’s dairy farm. And so there was! I couldn’t go, but my brother did, and later I learned my husband did. So naturally when I read about August 1969: “A Tribute to the Women of Woodstock” performing in Flat Rock, NC I had to go! And what a wonderful performance it was! From beginning to the end, the songs, the voices, the rendition of each of the women of Woodstock got to my very soul! As a Yasgur I was so happy and proud to be at that show! My favorite, of course, was Janis Joplin! I cannot wait to see more shows from Soul Pinic Productions!
— Eileen Beitler Yasgur Scharfman
Back to the Garden” took my breath away. This show strikes a magical balance - you know (and love!) every song, but you’re hearing them sung and interpreted in such a fresh way. The singers are crazy talented, engaging, and lovely, and the music left me flooded with full-hearted nostalgia. The audience floated out of that room. See this show. You will love every minute.
— Megan Murphy Chambers
“Back to the Garden” is a wonderful, nostalgic trip through some of my favorite songs. I loved the ladies’ performances and how each new song honored the originals while injecting them with new life and the spirit of each vocalist.”
— Heather Ensley
All the residents from GranVida thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon with “Nashville Gal!” This is the type of five-star quality production the Rubicon always creates! Thank you again!
— Catherine Lee, Executive Director/GranVida