back to the garden, THEATRE PIZAZZ

"With differing but equally strong vocal styles, Hammans, Adkisson, and Wyatt sail through twenty numbers with an eye toward entertainment and catharsis, giving the audience exactly what they want."

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back to the garden, NJ STAGE | SPOTLIGHT CENTRAL

“A major highlight of Back to the Garden is Hammans’, Adkisson’s, and Wyatt’s chill-inducing version of an early Laura Nyro masterpiece, “Stoned Soul Picnic.” As the band cooks, the women’s voices soulfully ebb and flow to the ever-shifting rhythm, bringing “from the sky… the Lord and the lightning” to an audience appreciative of this opportunity to hear Nyro’s music and lyrics performed so passionately and intensely."


back to the garden, AUDIENCE REVIEWS

Back to the Garden” took my breath away. This show strikes a magical balance - you know (and love!) every song, but you’re hearing them sung and interpreted in such a fresh way. The singers are crazy talented, engaging, and lovely, and the music left me flooded with full-hearted nostalgia. The audience floated out of that room. See this show. You will love every minute.